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5 Leadership Styles That Deter Companies—And End Careers

In his 10-year tenure as CEO of Medtronic, Bill George managed to grow the medical technology company at 35-percent-per-year and oversaw huge market cap growth—from $1.1 billion to $60 billion.

How’d he do it? It started with people, and in his forthcoming book, True North: Emerging Leaders Edition, coauthored with millennial entrepreneur Zach Clayton, George shares the key to success: discovering your “true north,” the purpose of your leadership. Those who don’t lead from that north star, George argues, are doomed to failure.

In an exclusive excerpt from the book for Chief Executive magazine, George outlines the five leadership archetypes that can deter CEO success, and how to fix them. They are:

“Can you see yourself in any of these archetypes?” asks George. If you do, you’re in luck. He’s got plenty of tips and ideas for helping you get unstuck. Read the Full Excerpt

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