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Avnir's AI Platform for Business Relationships Set to Redefine Relationship Depth, Health, and Relevance

Optimize professional networking through advanced Relationship Economics. Say hello to Avnir, the best AI platform for business relationships.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I think I was 5 or 6 years old, running our Friday morning errands in the lively bazaars of Iran, surrounded by the passionate sounds of haggling and the aroma of natural spices, where I received my first few lessons in the power of relationships from my father.

He moved through the crowded stalls with a purpose, showing how strong connections can ease the way. For him, each conversation wasn't just transactional—it was all about the deep trust, respect, and mutual benefits that formed the foundation of these interactions.

Little did I know, these experiences, vividly remembered amid the vibrant colors and sounds of the bazaar, would soon become the bedrock of my career as a student of Relationship Economics for the past two decades.

Typical Middle Eastern Bazaar Where Relationships Are Paramount in the Favor Economy.

Fast forward to today, and the world has transformed. The age of technology has connected us all in ways we would have never imagined. Yet, ironically, it has also made our interactions feel more disconnected than ever.

In our current landscape, the lessons I took from the bazaars remain more relevant than ever—relationships are the lifeblood of every business. Yet, there's a gap in how we both strategize and quantify these relationships in the corporate world.

This realization led me to create Avnir to bridge this gap, bringing relationship nurturing into measurable business areas such as strategy, real innovation (vs. innovation theater), and lasting change.

So Many Professionals Struggle to Bridge Relationship Creation with Relationship Capitalization.

Filling the Gap with Avnir

Let me reiterate what I've advocated for the past two decades: strong relationships are crucial for your personal, team, and organization's success. But how do you determine the real strength of your business relationships? In essence, their depth, health, and relevance?

Well, you use data lakes, Generative AI technology, and the fundamental methodologies shared in experiences working with global clients in the past two decades. Specifically, you use Avnir— training a Large Language Model (LLM) based on Relationship Economics.

Bringing Clarity to the Vagueness that Surrounds Relationship References

Have you ever met two people who say they have a 'great relationship'? In whatever setting, my response to that is that I'm allergic to vagueness. I believe that meaningful relationships require clarity. You can't improve something you don't measure.

That's why at Avnir, we've built a system that adds accuracy—a way to get specific about the health of your connections.

We identified 12 key attributes that characterize strong, mutually beneficial relationships. Our proprietary algorithm considers these factors, scoring each relationship on a spectrum from struggling to thriving.

The result is a single metric that summarizes the quality of your connections. Similar to how a blood pressure reading informs us of our physical health, our relationship score provides insights into your network's depth, resilience, and potential.

Avnir highlights areas of strength to build upon and spots opportunities to resolve friction. With this level of visibility, you can make informed decisions, optimize promising partnerships, and activate the hidden value in your ecosystem of contacts.

Quantifying relationships transforms them from an intangible asset into a strategic growth platform that can be tracked, improved, and leveraged at scale.

Backed By Decades of Rigorous Research Combined with Enterprise Experiences

Avnir isn't built on loose theories—it's backed by over 20 years of first-hand research into what builds and sustains powerful professional relationships.

In the past two decades, I've studied business relationships—how they work, where they're neglected, and why some sellers and revenue leaders outperform their peers. In that time, I've formed thousands of business connections across industries, from manufacturing to financial services.

Throughout this on-the-ground research, one common theme emerged, which now forms the backbone of Avnir's intelligence: The most impactful business relationships progress through defined stages over time.

Casual contacts transition into trusted advisors and, eventually, collaborators who work together in alignment. With the right technology, understanding relational dynamics can make this journey more predictable, accelerated, and directed.

Avnir maps relationships against these researched benchmarks proven to indicate growth, health, and alignment. And the result? Clarity of intent, direction, and pace – too fast, and you'll turn off others who'll see you as highly transactional; too slow, and they'll perceive you as indifferent or uninterested.

This is the best AI assistant that shines a light on where your outreach is most needed, which connections are ideal relationship profiles, and how to deepen connections that matter strategically.

With our AI platform for business relationships, uncertainty becomes a clear path forward to maximize the value of your ecosystem.

Your Relationships Within Your Organization Are As Critical As Those External To It.

How Avnir Works—Introducing the Relationship Economics® Platform

I'm excited about where we're headed next. Building on our foundation, we're poised to take a groundbreaking step forward with the launch of our Relationship Economics® Platform. This will surely be a giant leap in understanding, managing, and leveraging business relationships.

Organizing Your Relationships

We've recognized that the key to maximizing the value of your network lies in the organization. Our AI business assistant will provide an unparalleled overview of your entire relationship ecosystem.

This is the entree to the platform with our first product: Avnir Relationship Bank™. You can keep your most valuable relationships current, organized, and prioritized here. Think of it as a resource that promises your relationships will never become weak or drained of mutual perceived worth.

As you aggregate all your contacts in one location, we'll help you focus on your most treasured relationships, Your Top 100. As you capture Relationship Commitments and Notes and you begin to interact with your various data sources, we'll start to create your Relationship Dashboard. This will show more than just transactional connections but the breadth and depth of relationships you're nurturing, sustaining, and capitalizing toward quantifiable outcomes and impacts on your business goals. With Avnir, you will be able to turn the web of your professional interactions into a clear, navigable map.

Activating Your Team's Relationships

But what's the value of a map if you don't have a starting point and a target destination? Our platform will make sense of your connections and enable your team to activate them in alignment with broader organizational objectives. This means identifying and leveraging hidden opportunities within your network, ensuring every team member's connections contribute to your success.

Monetizing Your Enterprise Relationships

Perhaps the most exciting aspect is how Avnir will help monetize a broader spectrum of enterprise relationships. Our platform is designed to uncover the hidden value within your network, turning potential into profits.

By strategically engaging with your relationships, we can open doors to new opportunities, drive revenue, and foster growth. It's time to recognize that your network is indeed your net worth, and with Avnir, you'll have the best AI platform for business relationships to capitalize on.

Cold Outreach is Becoming Increasingly More Difficult. How Will You Adapt?

Looking Ahead

As we keep developing Avnir, we're looking forward to what's next. We plan to launch our next-gen AI business assistant for managing relationships in mid-2024. By now, it's clear that Avnir is an exciting step that will change how we nurture and capitalize on our most valuable business relationships.

For those interested in getting a closer look and securing early access, we invite you to join our Beta Release Program. This is an opportunity to be at the forefront of our relationship economics methodology as we aim to democratize the technology and shape the development of a platform that's constantly evolving, continuously improving, and always in 'beta mode.'

This next phase of Avnir is a commitment to continuously adapt and respond to the needs of professionals like you. Sign up for the beta now and be one of the first to experience how Avnir can modify your approach to professional relationships.

Ready to get started?

Relationship Economics, Curve Benders, and Co-Create by David Nour

David Nour is the author of 12 books translated into eight languages, including best-sellers Relationship Economics®, Co-Create, and Curve Benders. He regularly speaks at corporate meetings, industry association conferences, and academic forums on the intentional, quantifiable, and strategic value of business relationships.
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