Boundaries define where you end, and the outside world begins.

Having healthy personal and professional boundaries means owning your thoughts, behaviors, actions, emotions, and needs. It also means not owning the same for others.

Not enough leaders I know are crystal clear about their boundaries, both within and external to their organizations. And in the name of performance, execution, and results, we all tend the blur the lines – for ourselves and our colleagues, customers, partners, investors, and business relationships in general.

So, here is my Nour Noon Nugget for today – Establish Boundaries. Communicate them consistently. Say when certain behaviors or actions by others are not OK. Be respectful, collaborative, and communicate with clarity. I assure you that a certain level of boundaries is healthy for every relationship.

Don’t misconstrue my coaching here – I’m not advocating that you become difficult to work with overnight. Don’t get prickly, and remember that resourcefulness, creativity, and can-do/will-do attitude are still one of the most attractive attributes of a teammate! Yes, if you’re out of the office, stop answering calls and emails, and enjoy your day. If you expect a certain decorum in working with others, say so – often. MVP means a set of agreed-upon features that we’ll launch by X date. Commit to the highest standards for yourself and others. And stick to them.

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