Brilliant Thinkers

This week, we celebrated International Women’s Day. A month ago, I stumbled upon a list of intellectual giants from a website I actually really enjoy. To my surprise, the list did not include one woman!! Not convinced all of us men have a monopoly on brilliant thinking.

So I started to research anyone who has spent time exploring the lives, work, and decision-making strategies of brilliant women who have shaped the world with their ideas and discoveries.

I found a great series of articles called Brilliant Thinkers, which will teach you how to emulate 30 mental models of these extraordinary scientists, philosophers, astronauts, and more.

BTW, as a father of a brilliant daughter, and a business partner of brilliant women, I hope we can get to a time and a place where we don’t need such a dedicated day as “International Women’s Day,” and the work and contributions of women are recognized in an equal way.

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