Go For It!

Happy New Year! Hope you’re enjoying a relaxing holiday season with your loved ones.

I heard from many of you last year that you found the Nour Noon Nuggets of interest and value. In the words of the famed philosopher Britney Spears, none is “rocket surgery!” They’re often wise reminders of what you may already know yet have forgotten, dismissed as irrelevant to you and your current condition, or simply as common sense.

Amazing how often we need to be reminded of what we think we already know, how good we are at recommending to others what we should do ourselves, and how often common sense isn’t commonly practiced!

So, to kick off the New Year here is one for you: GO FOR IT! 

There are plenty of people out there living the life you dream about living, doing the work you’re much better qualified to do and go on adventures you’ve always wanted to explore. The same people are less wealthy, talented, and fabulous than you are. They’ve just made the decision you are unwilling or incapable of making, which is going for it.

You see, these other people stopped listening to the naysayers. They’ve stopped creating excuses of why they shouldn’t, can’t, or any other old, lazy reason that anchored them to the same tired condition. They gave up their fear of failure, trying to control all that they have no control over, changed their lousy habits, and got in the arena. You know, the one called life?

Decide today, this first day of the rest of the New Year, to stand up, stand out, and go for it. To gently remind you, here is one of my favorite quotes posted on a piece of paper in front of me to see every single day:

If your dreams aren’t scaring you, they’re not big enough!

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