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Innovation Sprint – What It Is and Why Your Organization Needs It

Innovation sprint is a hot topic right now. This attention is with merit because it has helped organizations build and develop innovative products that many consumers now enjoy. If you don’t know what innovation sprint is, it is high time you learn more about it to help push the boundaries of your team’s knowledge and current technologies.

Innovation Sprint Ideas

Below is a list of ideas on how you can integrate innovation sprints within your organization. This is especially useful when you are trying to build competitive advantage and take your products or company to the next level.

There are two aspects in an organization wherein you can integrate innovation sprint ideas: within your team and in the management level. These two need to work together in order to make the ideas work, and to determine if it is worth pursuing.

Here are a few examples when you can incorporate innovation sprint ideas to your organization:

1. Design Thinking – This is the most obvious idea for implementing the innovation sprint concept. It can be used in developing a new product or service, new features to an existing product, or testing out functionalities to improve user experience. This is where companies need to focus on. It will be a long cycle with several steps to ensure you explore new ideas, research on those ideas, test them out, and engage in a user feedback session. This process will depend on your budget and the existing challenges within the company’s products or services.

2. Fixing Technical Issues – You can use innovation sprint in an effort to resolve technical issues to find a fix.

3. Improve Competence Within the Team – One of the best ways to apply innovation sprint within your organization is not just focused on developing new products or services. It is also about up-skilling your team so they can be a more valuable asset to your team. This can be through acquisition of new skills or expertise in using current or developing technologies.

4. Fine-Tune Products – As mentioned above, this concept can also be used to improve existing products by thinking about the needs of the users. This will help you identify product features needed to be implemented for improved user functionality.

5. Improve Team Collaboration – The process of developing new ideas and fine-tuning existing products or services can boost your team’s collaborative effort. By focusing on innovation, you can make your team work closely together. You need to work closely together as a team, especially when preparing for a system demo.

6. Improve Overall Discipline and Innovation – This is the most important application for the innovation sprint in your organization. When you work in a planned sprint, it fosters the team’s commitment towards planning and innovation. It also develops a sense of discipline given that there is a stronger focus to create something out of nothing, or to improve an existing product or service.

If you are able to utilize the concept of innovation sprint in these aspects of your organization, you can be one step closer to building a competitive advantage.

organization needs innovation sprint

What Organizations Benefit from Innovation Sprints?

Innovation sprint is beneficial to organizations of all kinds and sizes. However, this type of approach to developing new products and corporate strategy is more beneficial to specific types of companies and industries.

An innovation sprint is highly beneficial for companies in the tech industry. This makes sense because this industry is constantly evolving. There are new technologies that come out all the time; as such, the demands of your customers can change at a rapid pace, too. If you want your organization to keep up with the demand, an innovation sprint is one of the ways that you can keep up.

It’s no surprise why companies like Google can benefit largely from an innovation sprint. But it’s not just the tech companies that can benefit from its use. There are a few other organizations that can implement this as part of their product development or improving current services.

For example, KLM Airlines used the innovation sprint process to improve its airport experience. Spotify, on the other hand, used innovation sprints to create new products and improve on the existing features of their platform. Meanwhile, even global organizations like The United Nations have relied on it, too. In particular, it helped them drive more food donations to the organization.

There is no limit to how you can benefit from an innovation sprint, regardless of the type of company and industry. Every organization can benefit from constant innovation. The needs of the market and your customers change on a regular basis. By innovating, it is your way to keep up with those changes and maintain competitive advantage.

Possible Barriers to Innovation Sprint

Innovation sprint has manifold benefits to an organization. They help identify new ideas and test them out. They help you launch new products or services in a shorter amount of time (such as months versus years). They help you operate with agility since your team is laser-focused on design and innovation.

But there are certain barriers that exist, which can limit your ability to benefit from this process. It is important to identify these barriers so you can knock them over.

Prematurely killing ideas

This is a habit that should be squashed in your team. With an innovation sprint, every idea is acknowledged and tested out for viability. It is always open for exploration and discovery of opportunities. There is less time spent on deliberation because more focus is on testing out ideas.

innovation sprint possible barriers

Lack of time or budget

This is one of the most significant barriers faced by organizations conducting an innovation sprint. When you focus on innovation, the focus is on the ideas. Several processes are cut out of the process so you can develop and test ideas at a rapid pace.

Lack of teamwork

Organizations are made up of several departments, each with their own set of responsibilities. In an innovation sprint, these different departments are forced to work together. The team is empowered to make a collaborative decision on every aspect of the innovation and product development. They become united and disciplined since you are forced to give your attention towards a specific problem or issue at a time.

An innovation sprint is a good practice to have in your organization. It develops that forward-thinking philosophy so you are constantly seeking out ways to grow and innovate. It is a refreshing change because your organization is always building towards the future.

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