Where Americans Are Moving!

Moving’s out

Upping sticks in the US seems to have lost its appeal in recent years, with the overall moving rate and number of movers dropping every year from 2017-2021, according to the Census Bureau. But for those select few who have decided to pack up and switch states, where exactly are they heading?

All change, please

New data from the Census Bureau reveals which states have been the winners, and losers, from domestic movers.

Florida topped the domestic net migration chart, with an influx of ~319,000 people choosing to call the sunshine state their new home in 2022, making a major contribution to its 1.9% overall population increase. Indeed, heading south proved to be a popular choice in general last year as Texas came in second, welcoming ~231,000 new state-hoppers, helping its population rise by 1.6%.

At the other end of the scale, more than 600,000 coastal dwellers from New York and California moved out, with the former’s population dropping by 0.9%and the most populous state in America seeing 343,000 people move away.

Go deeper: check out the full list of data, compiled by the NAR.

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